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Welcome to Awesome Computing's Support Web Site

Serving you and your computer needs are what we are all about. On these pages, you will find issues that should be reviewed periodically to maintain a healthy computer and computer network. Regardless of whether you are an individual using your computer for Email, school homework, recreational Internet browsing or you use a workstation on a company network, performing these simple tasks from time to time will help prevent computer related problems caused by spyware, malware, hijack software and viruses.
Remember, these infections are written specifically to get personal information about you from your computer, to do harm to your computer, take over control of your computer or even use your computer for additional Internet attacks. Time is taken to write, then to decipher and reverse their damage. To be as safe as you can with your computer, take the time necessary to prevent many of those attacks from hitting your computer and causing you to lose precious documents and pictures.
One quick note: If you are working on a company network, please check with your IT professional before following any of the suggested actions listed on this web site to make sure that you are not violating any company policy.

By the way, no NERDS here!

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